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Zimbra CS introduction

Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a truly modern, innovative messaging and collaboration application.

It is the leading open source solution for enterprise, service provider, education, and government environments;

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Website design

Do you know that many well designed websites does not bring business to its owner? Turn your website into a real online business by applying e-commerce rules into its whole lifecycle since the development phases to operation process.
By using iWay's ecommerce solutions, your ecommerce business can benefit from
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Virtual Fax

 Do you usually send or receive fax and always upset about the heavy bill? If you are, try our internet Virtual Fax solution. iWay's Virtual Fax offers the most cost effective and time saving fax solution for companies who are using fax as an important communication channel with partners and clients?
Fax hardware machine
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Zimbra Services

The system is also available for integrating internal chat application, which helps shorten the time of exchange between the members of the organization. With high performance, operations send, receive, download the data came so quickly contribute to saving time for users. Also, you do not need to worry.

Foss Services

Open source software (also known as free and open source software - FLOSS). If it is considered in terms of the license to use, that is freely used, freely modified, improved, freedom of regulations. Considering the development perspective, open source software that is "open" and wide interaction in the process of software development.

Website design

The trend is not limited extensions of the Internet today, websites are increasingly becoming particularly important factor for every business or organization. Owning a website is not strange, maybe even consider this standard is indispensable in times of global competition now.


How do open source companies make money?

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Through the using process, zimbra brings users advanced features of open source system. About interfaces, Zimbra is very friendly, changes easily to creat new colors, avoid boring. High security system makes businesses assured with...


We are proud to provide over 35,000+ Zimbra mailboxes to clients.