Strategic Partners


In iWay, we highly appreciate the comprehensive and unshakeable partnership.


We have partner relationship with open source businesses, organizations, communities as well as IT solution providers in Vietnam and all over the world. Below are some of our strategic partners in US, Eropean and Australia:


Red Hat, Inc.

Founded in 1993, Red Hat is the leader and the most recognized open source brand in the world who provide technologies and services based on FOSS. Solutions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, JBoss Enterprise Middleware and other enterprise technologies.
With strategic partner iWay, Red Hat bring the choice, collaboration, cost savings and value of open source to enterprises in Asia and Vietnam.



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Asianux is a consortium established on the basis of the North Asia government's commitment in FOSS including China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam in order to research and develop FOSS applications; promote the information technology development in this region.

iWay and Asianux Vietnam commit to collaborate with each other in establishment and human resources provision in FOSS development projects.




ITB-VCCI and iWay has signed cooperation agreements in 191 project in order to support business applicating information technology in the period 2009-2010. Project promotes IT applications and communications in enterprises, enhance competitiveness, especially in the economic integration International today.
Through agreements, iWay and ITB-VCCI together with govement and society take FOSS to become more popular, bring effective, practical benefits for businesses, organizations and society.



“FOSS Bridge EU-Vietnam - Joint Business through Free and Open Source Software" is to strengthen Southeast Asian software industries and to boost cooperation with Europe through innovative collaboration on FOSS and business development. 

iWay is one of the most active companies in FOSS in Vietnam joining into project. Through this, we have collaborated and shared experience in FOSS application and deployment with Europien and Vietnamese companies.



OTRS is the leading software manufacturer and consulting partner in Germany and Europe. OTRS offer leading service management solutions and combine long experience in business & best practices to assure success, based on open source solutions as OTRS, OTRS::ITSM and SIRIOS.
iWay and OTRS collaborated with each other through FOSS-Bridge project. Both parties agreed to develop OTRS solutions and services in Vietnam and Asia markets.

IBM is one of the top companies in the world providing general solutions in hardware, software for business. IBM applications can be applied for diversified industries as bank, education, insurance, finance...
iWay has established partnership with IBM since the first days to bring the most useful solutions to companies in Vietnam, making IBM brand more closely with users.

Brooktrout products of Dialogic are known as the top products in the world in hardware solutions for Digital Fax. Intelligent faxboard TR1034 and TruFax lines help to make a stable platform for fax applications based on computer for business.
For 5 years collaboration with Dialogic - Brooktrout up to now, iWay is the largest partner in Vietnam. High quality products and services, competitive price from iWay and standard warranty make clients convenient and secure.

GFI Software provides the single best source of network security, content security and messaging software for small to medium sized businesses. Innovative technology and flexible price meet the needs of medium and small business.
With the similar approach, iWay has cooperated with GFI to provide effective fax software solutions for Brooktrout hardware at a reasonable cost.

As a company provides general network solutions, hardware, software in Australia, HelpBase is known as one of the leading open source service providers in Australia.
With technological strategic partner iWay, Helpbase brings useful solutions based on FOSS for customers in Oceania with the best quality consultant, technology, training and support.